Every platform of entertainment has own taste of joy some are dramatic, comedian but mostly games are top level to entertain and pass the outing.

So today we are introducing a rhythm-based game which within the beginning is simple but because the extent up to become harder than hard, know as Geometry Dash, you'll download free Geometry Dash APK Download.

This rhythm-based platform game is common on 21 levels during which easy included stereo Madness, back on track , Polargeist, Dry out, and hard levels include base after base, Can't abandoning, Jumper, harder then on.

The players are provided various entities at different levels sort of a cube, a Ball or UFO. This game is controlled by simple tapping system that's used to react when players press anywhere on display to fly and jump.

If the user is touched to an obstacle, the game starts from the beginning . After Completion of level the player is rewarded with Coins of varied colors with various rates, used to purchase character skins, player trails, death explosion from various shops.

The levels increase on the thought of the progress of players with the exception of being demon level which is harder than hard.


Geometry Dash Gameplay

The game is rhythm-based game with currently 21 official level to play where player can make icon jump, flip and fly through dangerous passage while avoiding obstacles. additionally thereto there are 50 million online level available online (game creation system).

Touchscreen keyboard is used by players to make his icon jump and avoiding hitting obstacles. The speed at which object is moving cannot be controlled by players.

As mentioned above it's Rhythm-based platform game so it implies the timing and rhythm are related and players got to make moving accordingly. Object of the game is to end levels by going to the highest of it and upon completion of level reward/s is earned.

Geometry Dash Tracks

As it is mentioned above that the sport is m rhythm-based platform game so there are numbers of tracks made available within the game by Forever Bound, Waterflame, DJ-Nate, DexArson, Morgan David King and much of others. These tracks make game more interesting and enjoyable and for best in-game music experience it's advised to use headphones.

The game is right mixture of Music, colorful backgrounds and thrilling level that's why I found it more interesting and best time killing games among the varied other games which don't offer such experience in only about low occupying space.

Features of Geomtry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK features a number of features a number of them are written as under

• to make and share levels, A level editor is employed .
• The user-level downloads to enter a web platform.
• The feature of starting paused the sport after exiting from the minibar.
• The achievements are rewards-based.
• To customize your character, unlock new icon and colours .
• Practice mode is employed to know the layout or tutorials of the extent .
• Icon kit provides many customization options.
• The record keeper of various players states by using the column chart button.
• The hidden vault.


Download Geometry Dash APK For Android